Website maintenance is important for the traffic, usefulness and security of your website.

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Technical maintenance of websites

Maintaining and updating websites is a serious job that needs to be invested in time and that needs to be approached just as professionally as creating a website.

The systems on which websites are based, like any software you use, regularly receive new versions in which new features are added and various security issues are fixed. Technical maintenance serves to improve stability as well as to protect the website from viruses and other malicious software. This service includes updating the system to the latest software version, backing up content and database, updating themes and plugins.


Updating website content

After completing the process of creating a website for our clients who do not have the time or need to update the content on their website, we offer the possibility of updating the content. This service includes text changes, photo input, price changes, inserting PDF catalogs and tables, as well as creating new content.

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Website updating and maintenance service includes:

• Maintaining system stability
• Website updates
• Technical maintenance of installed databases
• Backup system, backups in case of hacker attacks
• Installation and care of all installed applications
• Emergency interventions on the website at the request of the client
• Attendance analysis and reporting by a large number of parameters…

Characteristics of our maintenance:

• High quality and reliable
• We are always available. in case of emergency interventions or periodic changes
• Weekly and monthly archiving of the site and data for your safety
• You can modify your website at any time
• We will be happy to help you with advice…
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