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By being present on social networks, you’ll significantly increase the number of visitors to your web shop or web site, and thus your earnings.

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How to reach the target audience?

Facebook advertising

Facebook has a large amount of information about its users, which allows you to precisely define the audience that your ads will reach. Facebook advertising can increase the number of likes on your site, increase the number of visitors to the WEB page, promote products and services, help inform the public about your brand and most importantly – you can follow first hand the engagement of users of your products and services and be with them in interaction.


However, there is another question, do you know where your ideal client is?

Instagram advertising

The digital sky is big, so you need to find a way for your customers to go. The feedback statistics offered by online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google are invaluable.

The popularity of Instagram is continuously growing, and with it the opportunities for brands that want to strengthen their influence through Instagram advertising. Instagram is a platform of beautiful images, which has very good sales power.

Like Facebook, Instagram uses the same powerful advertising tools that achieve great results.

By combining advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you give the impression that you are present, active and that both new and existing customers can contact you at any time.

By building trust and interaction with customers, you ensure their return.

digitalni marketing

Find your customers on social media

Create and promote your brand through Facebook and Instagram ads.

Strategy for each campaign

We create special campaigns for each customer, which serve to target your ad to a specific group of people.

Monthly report and analytics

Every month we produce a report that shows the results achieved.

The results are visible after a month

ENCOM guarantees the sale and growth of your brand. After only a month, the changes are visible, from the design, advertising to the most important thing – SALES.

Creative maintenance of Social media pages


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